From March 11, 2020, Web Application Firewall upgrades the protection engine for all users, to provide you with more comprehensive protection and more convenient operation experience.

When you upgrade to the new protection engine, you will experience the following upgrades:

  • Improved protection experience

    The protection module is aggregated to provide comprehensive protection for your business, including web intrusion prevention, data security, Bot management, and access control and throttling.

    The new protection engine also provides powerful precision traffic limiting and account security capabilities to help you defend against illegal access attacks, HTTP flood attacks, credential stuffing, weak password attacks, and brute-force attacks. After the upgrade, trend analysis reports show you the protection effects in a more intuitive and secure way.

  • Custom protection policies meet the needs of refined throttling

    The custom policy protection feature supports more fields and processes for precise access control, and provides you with the accurate access control under complex conditions. It can meet the management requirements for illegal access requests in various business scenarios.

    • Original Custom HTTP flood protection rules are integrated into custom protection policies to provide more precise throttling capabilities.
    • In the original HTTP ACL policy, the whitelist rule configuration for specific traffic is changed to that for each protection module, providing a more convenient way to configure legitimate traffic.
  • Configure an IP address blacklist

    You can easily add IP addresses, IP address segments, and region blacklists to implement quick access control and quickly intercept specific traffic.

How to upgrade

We will arrange protection engine upgrades for all customers who have enabled Web Application Firewall before January 2020. After the backend protection engine has been upgraded, you will receive an upgrade notification when logging on to the Web Application Firewall console. Click Try now you can enjoy the upgraded experience of the new protection engine.