The following tables list API operations available for use in ApsaraDB for ClickHouse.

Region management

API Description
DescribeRegions Queries available regions and zones for ApsaraDB for ClickHouse clusters.

Cluster management

API Description
DeleteDBCluster Releases an ApsaraDB for ClickHouse cluster that uses the pay-as-you-go billing method.
DescribeDBClusters Queries clusters within an Alibaba Cloud account or clusters that are accessible to an authorized RAM user.
DescribeDBClusterAttribute Queries the attributes of a cluster.
ModifyDBClusterDescription Modifies the description of a cluster to facilitate maintenance.
ModifyDBClusterMaintainTime Modifies the maintenance window of an ApsaraDB for ClickHouse cluster.
DescribeAllDataSource Enumerates all databases, tables, and columns in a cluster.

Network management

API Description
DescribeDBClusterNetInfoItems Queries the network details of a cluster.
AllocateClusterPublicConnection Creates a public endpoint for a cluster.
ReleaseClusterPublicConnection Deletes the public endpoint of a cluster.

Account management

API Description
DescribeAccounts Queries the database accounts or a specified database account of a cluster.
CreateAccount Creates a privileged account for a cluster.
DeleteAccount Deletes a privileged account from a cluster.
ResetAccountPassword Resets the password of a privileged account.
ModifyAccountDescription Modifies the description of an ApsaraDB for ClickHouse database account.

Security management

API Description
DescribeDBClusterAccessWhiteList Queries the whitelist of a cluster. The IP addresses in the whitelist are allowed to connect to the cluster.
ModifyDBClusterAccessWhiteList Modifies the whitelist of a cluster.

More operations

API Description
DescribeAllDataSource Enumerates all databases, tables, and columns in a cluster.
DescribeDBClusterPerformance Queries performance data of a cluster. You can determine the performance of a cluster over a specified time range based on the performance monitoring data.