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Create a default security group for an enterprise

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2020

A security group is a virtual firewall that controls the network access to Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances. This topic describes how to create a default security group for an enterprise.

  1. Log on to the ECS console by using your Alibaba Cloud account.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Network & Security > Security Groups.

  3. In the top navigation bar, select a region.

  4. On the Security Groups page, click Create Security Group in the upper-right corner.

  5. In the Create Security Group dialog box, configure the following parameters:

    • Security Group Name: Enter default-sg.

    • Network Type: Select the VPC that you created.

    • Security Group Type: Select Basic Security Group.

    • Other parameters: Retain the default configurations.

  6. Click OK.