This topic lists all the endpoints of the tag service. You can use the listed endpoints to access the tag service. We recommend that you use the endpoint in the region where you call the tag service.

Asia Pacific

Region Region ID Endpoint
Default -
Note This endpoint applies to the following regions: China (Hangzhou), China (Shanghai), China (Shenzhen), China (Qingdao), China (Beijing), China (Hong Kong), Singapore, US (Silicon Valley), and US (Virginia).
China (Heyuan) cn-heyuan
China (Zhangjiakou-Beijing Winter Olympics) cn-zhangjiakou
China (Hohhot) cn-huhehaote
China (Chengdu) cn-chengdu
Australia (Sydney) ap-southeast-2
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) ap-southeast-3
Indonesia (Jakarta) ap-southeast-5
Japan (Tokyo) ap-northeast-1

Europe & Americas

Region Region ID Endpoint
Germany (Frankfurt) eu-central-1
UK (London) eu-west-1

Middle East & India

Region Region ID Endpoint
India (Mumbai) ap-south-1
UAE (Dubai) me-east-1