Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch provides a fully managed service for open-source Elasticsearch and offers improved performance. Compared with open-source Elasticsearch, Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch provides a variety of benefits. These benefits include high availability, high reliability, high security, on-demand purchase, auto scaling, easy deployment and maintenance, and a self-developed Chinese analysis plug-in.

High availability

You can deploy an Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch cluster across zones to ensure the high availability of the cluster. For more information, see High availability.

High reliability

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch automatically creates and stores snapshots for Elasticsearch clusters, from which you can directly restore data. You can also store snapshots in Object Storage Service (OSS) and then restore data from these snapshots. Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch also supports load balancing. You can use these features to ensure the high reliability of Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch clusters. For more information, see High reliability.

High security

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch uses Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), access control policies, and built-in security features to ensure the high security of Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch clusters. For more information, see High security.

On-demand purchase and auto scaling

  • Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch supports the pay-as-you-go billing method and allows you to use services immediately after you purchase an Elasticsearch cluster. You can click here to apply for a free trial.
  • Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch supports auto scaling of Elasticsearch clusters without interrupting services. For more information, see Upgrade the configuration of a cluster.

Easy deployment and maintenance

  • Intelligent operation and maintenance (O&M): Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch integrates a large number of O&M rules and detects potential risks in Elasticsearch clusters based on the O&M experience of clusters on the cloud. It also provides cluster optimization solutions to mitigate these risks. For more information, see Overview.
  • Cluster monitoring and alerting: Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch monitors items in real time, such as cluster status and disk usage. It also sends text messages for alerting. This way, you can take targeted measures in advance. For more information, see Configure the monitoring and alerting feature in CloudMonitor.

Chinese tokenization

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch provides built-in mainstream plug-ins, such as the IK analysis plug-in and self-developed tokenization plug-in. For more information about the self-developed tokenization plug-in, see Use the analysis-aliws plug-in.