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DSW2.0 billing instructions

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2020

This topic describes the billing methods of Data Science Workshop (DSW) 2.0.

Billing methods of DSW 2.0

Supported regions:

  • China (Hangzhou) and China (Shenzhen)

Billing method:

  • A DSW instance is billed on the running time of the associated ECS instance. The fees of a DSW instance = Unit price of the ECS instance × Running time.
  • Billing methods of related services:
  • SLB: pay by the selected specification. The unit price is CNY 0.1/hour.
  • EIP: pay by traffic. The unit price is CNY 0.8/GB. For more information, see EIP billing method.
  • ECS : pay by the resource specification and cloud disk size. For more information, see ECS billing method.

Assume that the DSW instance uses the ecs.g6.large ECS instance type, the system disk is an ultra disk of 40 GB, the DSW instance runs for 10 hours, and the amount of outbound traffic from the DSW instance to the Internet is 10 GB, then the fees incurred by the DSW instance are as follows: the DSW instance fee (before the discount) = 0.05 × 10 = CNY 0.5, the instance fee = 0.5 × 10 = CNY 5, the disk fee = 0.02 × 10= CNY 0.2, the SLB instance fee = 2 × 0.1 × 10 = CNY 2, and the EIP fee = 0.8 × 10 = CNY 8. The total fees are CNY 15.7 (0.5 + 5 + 0.2 + 2 + 8). Currently, DSW 2.0 is offering a 100 % off discount. SLB is offering a 50% off discount. After a DSW instance runs for 10 hours, the final fees are CNY 14.2, which is for reference only. The actual fees in the bill prevails.

  • After the DSW instance stops running, SLB still incurs fees. To avoid extra expense, you must delete the DSW instance and go to the ACK console to verify that the DSW instance whose name starts with DSW_ has been deleted.
  • After you unbind the Elastic IP address from the ECS instance, the Elastic IP address still incurs fees. For more information, see EIP pay-as-you-go.


ECS instance types DSW price per hour (Unit: CNY)
ecs.g6.large 0.05
ecs.g6.xlarge 0.1
ecs.g6.2xlarge 0.2
ecs.g6.3xlarge 0.3
ecs.g6.4xlarge 0.4
ecs.g6.6xlarge 0.6
ecs.g5.large 0.089
ecs.g5.xlarge 0.177
ecs.g5.2xlarge 0.354
ecs.g5.3xlarge 0.531
ecs.g5.4xlarge 0.708
ecs.c6.large 0.039
ecs.c6.xlarge 0.078
ecs.c6.2xlarge 0.156
ecs.c6.3xlarge 0.234
ecs.c6.4xlarge 0.312
ecs.c6.6xlarge 0.468
ecs.c5.large 0.062
ecs.c5.xlarge 0.124
ecs.c5.2xlarge 0.249
ecs.c5.3xlarge 0.373
ecs.c5.4xlarge 0.497
ecs.c5.6xlarge 0.746
ecs.gn6v-c8g1.2xlarge 2.646
ecs.gn5-c4g1.xlarge 1.278
ecs.gn5-c4g1.2xlarge 2.557
ecs.gn5-c8g1.2xlarge 1.539
ecs.gn5-c8g1.4xlarge 3.078
ecs.gn5-c28g1.7xlarge 2.388

Limited-time sales promotionsDSW 2.0 has been released in May 2020, and offers a 100% off discount until July 30, 2020. DSW 2.0 is free of charge during the promotional period.

For example: If you create a DSW 2.0 instance based on ecs.g6.xlarge on May 7, 2020 and the instance runs for 10 hours, the fee before the discount can be calculated as 10 × 0.1 = CNY 1. During the sales promotion, you do not need to pay the fee. However, you need to pay for the cloud resources used by the DSW instance, such as the SLB, EIP, and ECS instances, and the standard disks. The limited-time promotion does not apply to these services.