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Last Updated: Jun 02, 2020

This topic describes the information that you need to know before you purchase a Data Science Workshop (DSW) 2.0 instance.

Purchase guide

  • Before you purchase a DSW 2.0 instance, you must authorize Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) and Auto Scaling (ESS) to access DSW, and activate the ESS service.
  • After you purchase a DSW 2.0 instance, the following four orders are created: a DSW order, an ECS order, an EIP order, and an SLB order. You need to pay for the cloud resources that you use, such as the DSW, SLB, EIP, and ECS instances, and the standard disks. ( The DSW service is free of charge for a limited period.)
  • After a DSW instance is created, you cannot change the ECS resources for the instance. You must recreate a DSW instance to use the required ECS resources.
  • We recommend that you manage the ECS instance with caution. If an error occurs to the ECS instance, the associated DSW instance may fail.
  • For more information about the billing method of DSW, see DSW billing method.
  • For more information about DSW 2.0, see DSW 2.0.