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Create a Mini Program package

Last Updated: Sep 08, 2021

After the Mini program package is created in the console, a series of subsequent operations such as release mini program can be performed. When creating a Mini Program package resource, you need to enter basic information and configuration information.


You are already completed the relevant configuration of the Mini Program package in the configuration management interface. For details, see Configure Mini Program package.


Enter the mPaaS console and complete the following steps:

  1. Click Mini Program > Release Mini Program in the left navigation bar.
  2. In Manage test package tab, click New on the right of the Mini Program package list.
    • Manage test package is used for internal self-test and verification of test packages before the official release.
    • Manage official package is used for the official package release if the self-test results are correct.
  3. In the New Mini Program window, enter the ID and the name of the Mini Program, and click OK. The Mini Program ID is a 16-digit number.
    Note: After creating a Mini Program, the Mini Program will be visible in the Manage official package and Manage test package tabs. You can add a formal package or a test package for the corresponding Mini Program in the corresponding tab page. The steps are the same.
  4. Under the Mini Program list, find the new Mini Program and click Add.
  5. In the Basic Information area, complete the following configuration:
    • Version number: Enter the version number of the Mini Program package, such as
    • Client range: Select the minimum and maximum version of the iOS or/and Android client which runs the Mini Program.
      Note: A client type must be selected.
    • Icon: Click Choose file to upload the icon of the Mini Program package. The image format must be png, jpeg, jpg. The recommended pixel is 180*180, and the icon core graphic is within the 160 px range.
      Note: When creating a Mini Program package for the first time, the icon of the Mini Program must be uploaded. When releasing subsequent versions of the Mini Program package in the future, if you don’t upload the icon, the icon of the previous version will be used by default.
    • Package type: Define the type of the uploaded Mini Program package.
      • In Manage test package, you can choose Real device test package or Real device preview package.
        • Both the real device test package and the real device preview package are test versions uploaded through the IDE and can only be accessed by scanning the QR code generated by the IDE.
        • The real device test package supports remote debugging by the IDE of Mini Program,and the real machine preview package does not support.
      • In Manage official package, you can choose Feature package or Plugin package.
        Note: At present, there is no functional difference between the Feature package and the Plugin package.
    • File: Upload the Mini package resource file, the file format is .zip.
  6. In the Configuration information area, complete the following configuration:
    • Main entry URL: Required, the homepage address of the Mini Program package, such as /index.html#pages/index/index.
      Note: You can get the homepage address from the first item of the page array in the Mini Program global configuration file app.json. See Application.
    • Show bottom navigation bar: Choose whether to display the navigation bar at the bottom of the Mini Program.
    • Show upper-right function options: Choose whether to display more function options in the upper right corner of the Mini Program.
    • Virtual domain name: Automatically display the virtual domain name filled in when configuring the Mini Program package.
    • Extended information: Optional, enter the page loading parameters, the format is KV, separate multiple KVs with comma (,).
      Note: mPaaS supports the configuration of the request interval of Mini Program packages, which can be configured individually or globally.
      • Individual configuration: Only configure the current Mini Program package. You can fill in {"asyncReqRate":"1800"} in the extended information to set the request interval. In which, 1800 represents the interval time, in seconds, and the range is 0 ~ 86400 seconds (that is, 0 ~ 24 hours, 0 means no request interval limit).
      • Global configuration: Global configuration needs to be done in the client code, see Access Android and Access iOS.
    • Download time: Select the time when the user downloads the mini program package.
      • If you choose Wi-Fi only, the mini program package will be automatically downloaded in the background only when the device is connected to Wi-Fi network.
      • If you choose Download from all networks, it will consume user data and download automatically in non-Wi-Fi networks. Use it with caution.
    • Installation time: Select the time when the user installs the mini program package.
      • If you choose No preload, it will only be installed when you enter the mini program package or Mini Program page.
      • If you choose Preload, the mini program package or Mini Program will be automatically installed after downloading.
  7. Check The above information has been confirmed to be accurate and will not be modified after submission.
  8. Click Submit.