This article introduces users to quickly create and access LedgerDB instances.


1. Complete the application for public preview. Application address

2. Create a LedgerDB instance

  • Login LedgerDB console
  • Follow the instructions in the console to create a LedgerDB instance on the instance purchase page.

3. Configure the identity public key

The public key used for data verification. Currently, the public key algorithm SECPK1(ECCK1) is supported. Document

4. Configure the instance access method

LedgerDB provides two ways to access LedgerDB instances. Document

  • Configure a VPC instance to access LedgerDB. This access method is faster and safer.
  • Get the public network access address, this method allows the user to access LedgerDB instance through the public network

5. Write data

Users use the POP API, SDK, or Ledger Client to manage the LedgerDB. To ensure data security, only the appendTransaction API.