PolarDB is fully compatible with MySQL 5.6, MySQL 5.7 and MySQL 8.0. You can migrate data from MySQL to PolarDB without changing code or configurations of your applications. This topic describes the kernel compatibility of PolarDB for MySQL.

  • Complies with ANSI/ISO SQL standards. PolarDB for MySQL allows you to enable the ANSI session mode by setting the sql_mode parameter of your cluster to ANSI. For more information about how to modify the cluster parameters, see Set cluster parameters.
  • Supports Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) versions 0 to 3.51.
  • Supports XML features that comply with W3C and XPath standards.
  • PolarDB for MySQL 5.7 and 8.0 supports the native JSON data types that comply with RFC 7159 and ECMA-262 standards.