The following tables describe API operations available for use in Cloud Config.


Operation Description
GetDiscoveredResourceCounts Queries the number of resources of each type or in each region supported by Cloud Config under the specified account.
GetSupportedResourceTypes Queries the resource types supported by Cloud Config.
ListDiscoveredResources Queries resources based on specified query criteria.
DescribeDiscoveredResource Queries the configuration of a resource.
GetDiscoveredResourceSummary Queries the statistics of the resources monitored by Cloud Config.
PutConfigurationRecorder Modifies a configuration recorder.
GetResourceComplianceTimeline Queries the compliance timeline of a resource.
GetResourceConfigurationTimeline Queries the configuration timeline of a resource.


Operation Description
DescribeConfigRule Queries the details of a rule.
ListConfigRules Queries rules in Cloud Config.
DeleteConfigRules Deletes multiple rules at a time.
StartConfigRuleEvaluation Evaluates the compliance of specified resources based on a rule.
StopConfigRules Disables multiple rules at a time so that these rules enter the Inactive state.
PutEvaluations Submits the compliance evaluation results.
DescribeEvaluationResults Queries the compliance evaluation results.
DescribeCompliance Queries the statistics of compliance evaluations based on compliance types.
PutConfigRule Creates or modifies a rule.
DescribeComplianceSummary Queries the summary of compliance evaluations from the rule and resource dimensions.
ActiveConfigRules Enables multiple rules at a time so that these rules enter the Active state.

Monitoring scope

Operation Description
StartConfigurationRecorder Starts a configuration recorder.
DescribeConfigurationRecorder Queries the details of a configuration recorder.

Delivery methods

Operation Description
PutDeliveryChannel Creates or modifies a delivery method.
DescribeDeliveryChannels Queries the details of delivery methods.