This topic describes three storage classes that are available for General-purpose NAS: NAS Performance, NAS Capacity, and Infrequent Access (IA).

General-purpose NAS provides the following storage classes:
  • NAS Performance and NAS Capacity: These storage classes are suitable for hot data. Hot data refers to data that is frequently accessed.

    For more information, see NAS Performance and NAS Capacity.

  • IA: This storage class is suitable for cold data. Cold data refers to data that is infrequently accessed.

    For more information, see Implementation of lifecycle management.

IA is a lower-cost storage class. This storage class is designed for storing large amounts of cold data. The IA storage class provides the same reliability, service level agreement (SLA), and Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) as the NAS Performance and NAS Capacity storage classes. The IA storage class also supports access control lists (ACLs) and quota management for enterprise users. You can configure lifecycle management policies without the need to specify the locations where cold data and hot data are stored. Cold data that is identified based on the policies is automatically transitioned to the IA storage class.