Release date

January 2019

New data source features

  • The cloud data sources Presto, AnalyticDB for MySQL 3.0, PolarDB for MySQL, and the user-created data source Presto are added.
  • For the AnalyticDB for MySQL 2.0 and AnalyticDB for MySQL 3.0 data sources, the Name field is added to select a database and available AnalyticDB databases are automatically displayed.

New dataset features

  • New aggregate functions such as median, variance, and standard deviation are added to datasets.
  • Parameters of ad hoc query are added to the Filter Bar widget. Dynamically passing parameters to SQL statements, and check and processing of the syntax and placeholders by using FastSQL are added to the Ad Hoc Query page. For more information, see Use ad hoc queries for data modeling.
  • Filter interaction for datasets is upgraded. This feature supports a five-level horizontal filter interaction on data tables and fuzzy match for joined data tables by using data table names.

New dashboard features

  • The Compound Query Control icon is added to the dashboard edit page. For more information, see Compound query control.
  • The Filter by Condition section and Lock Filtering Conditions (You cannot change the filtering conditions after preview.) are added to the Set Filter page. After you select Lock Filtering Conditions (You cannot change the filtering conditions after preview.), the filtering conditions cannot be changed on the preview page.
  • The Sankey diagram, waterfall chart, ranking board, ticker board, and trend chart are added. For more information, see Sankey diagram, Waterfall chart, Ranking board, Ticker board, and Trend indicator charts.
  • The flow analysis chart is optimized. For more information, see Flow analysis chart.
  • The Make Public icon is added to the dashboard edit page to allow users to set a public URL.
  • Four-level cascade filtering is supported.
  • The Permission Type field is added to the Share pane.

New BI portal features

  • The menu permissions on a BI portal take effect immediately after you grant them to a user.

Other new features

  • The tag addition function is supported for tag management.
  • The Screenshot(mobile) option is added to Email Subscriptions, which increases the maximum pixels of an image that can be sent in an email from 4,000 pixels to 8,000 pixels.
  • Multiple recipients can be selected at a time.