This topic describes the terms that are related to the data service feature of Data Management (DMS).

Background information

Term Description
API Gateway API Gateway provides a complete suite of API hosting services. It helps you use API operations to provide capabilities, services, and data for your partners. You can also publish API operations to Alibaba Cloud Marketplace for other developers to purchase and use. For more information, see the API Gateway documentation.
API group An API group in DMS is similar to that in API Gateway. An API group is a collection of API operations that are defined for specific purposes. For example, an API group for commodity transactions includes only API operations that are related to commodity transactions. API Gateway provides different domain names for different API groups.
API operation publishing Publish API operations to API Gateway. Only published API operations can be called in applications by using SDKs.
SDK An SDK includes relevant sample code, dependent libraries, and API documentation that are needed to call API operations.
Alibaba Cloud API Marketplace Alibaba Cloud API Marketplace is a comprehensive marketplace where API operations are traded. It provides you with a channel to sell API operations. For more information, see the "Scenarios" section of the Overview topic. Thousands of API operations are available for sale in Alibaba Cloud API Marketplace.