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Last Updated: Jul 07, 2020

The data service feature of Data Management Service (DMS) is provided for enterprises to quickly provide controlled data externally. This topic describes the design philosophy and scenarios of the data service feature and how to use this feature.

How it works


Design philosophy

  • Provided as a module of DMS, the data service feature allows you to define API operations that are used to access controlled data in DMS. Security control features used for SQL execution, such as permission control and data masking, also apply to these API operations.

  • The data service feature adopts a serverless architecture. You do not need to worry about infrastructure of the runtime environment, such as servers and networks. Instead, you only need to focus on how to define API operations and design data query logic. This avoids operations and maintenance (O&M) overhead associated with traditional architectures.

  • The data service feature is fully integrated with API Gateway and allows you to quickly publish API operations to API Gateway. In the data service module of DMS, you can use all features provided by API Gateway, such as API permission control, IP address-based access control, throttling, metering, and software development kits (SDKs). Therefore, you must activate API Gateway before using the data service feature of DMS.


  • Provide data externally at the minimum necessary unit: When an enterprise needs to provide its business data externally, API operations can be defined to provide data at the row level (by specifying filter conditions in SQL statements) and the column level (by specifying specific fields). Compared with providing a whole table, this exposes the smallest unit of data and ensures data security.
  • Provide data for visualization tools: Most visualization tools support obtaining data from data sources by calling API operations. Instead of using a username and a password to connect a visualization tool to your database, you can provide data for a visualization tool by calling API operations in the tool. This is an easier way of data sourcing and avoids account exposure.
  • Sell data in Alibaba Cloud API Marketplace: Users who want to provide paid or free valuable data for other users can shelve API operations in Alibaba Cloud API Marketplace.
  • Provide processed data for applications: After data is processed and summarized by using the data warehouse development feature of DMS, API operations can be defined and provided for applications to read processed data from DMS and process business. If the logic of reading data needs to be changed, users only need to modify the query logic for the corresponding API operation and do not need to republish the application.