This topic describes the benefits and features of ApsaraDB for ClickHouse.


Benefit Description
Highly reliable storage engine Based on the disk storage of the Apsara distributed system, ApsaraDB for ClickHouse provides you with highly reliable cloud storage.
High scalability ApsaraDB for ClickHouse provides a database scaling management module that allows you to scale clusters as needed without the need to manually migrate data.
Closed-loop data transmission ApsaraDB for ClickHouse seamlessly integrates with Alibaba Cloud log systems, databases, and data application tools. This helps you synchronize data with ease and reduce the workload of data migration.
Professional service capabilities You can seek technical support and services from Alibaba Cloud database experts.
Category Feature Description
Flexible architecture Multiple cluster architectures: single-node, single-replica, multi-node, and multi-replica

Number of nodes: An ApsaraDB for ClickHouse cluster must contain at least one node. You can also create multi-node clusters.

Dynamic scaling: You can scale up or down nodes in an ApsaraDB for ClickHouse cluster. You can also change the number of the nodes in a cluster. When you perform these operations, ApsaraDB for ClickHouse automatically migrates data and you do not need to manually relocate data.

Number of replicas: You can create single-replica or multi-replica clusters.

Data security Access whitelists, data restore with a few clicks, and multi-layer network security protection

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): ApsaraDB for ClickHouse clusters are deployed in VPCs. VPCs are created on physical networks by using Overlay technology. VPCs are isolated from each other at the TCP layer for security.

Anti-DDoS: ApsaraDB for ClickHouse monitors inbound traffic in real time. After DDoS attacks are detected, ApsaraDB for ClickHouse scrubs traffic from the source IP addresses. If the traffic scrubbing is not effective, ApsaraDB for ClickHouse triggers blackhole filtering.

IP address-based whitelists: You can configure IP address-based whitelists to mitigate risks from access sources.

Easy operations and maintenance (O&M) Professional platforms for monitoring and database management

Monitoring platform: ApsaraDB for ClickHouse provides real-time monitoring and alerting for performance metrics such as CPU utilization, input/output operations per second (IOPS), number of connections, and disk usage. This allows you to monitor the status of your clusters anytime and anywhere.

Graphical console: You can manage your clusters with ease in the ApsaraDB for ClickHouse console.

Graphical Data Management (DMS) console: ApsaraDB for ClickHouse integrates with DMS. You can manage and query the data of your clusters in the DMS console.

Management of database kernel versions: ApsaraDB for ClickHouse allows you to update database kernel versions. This helps you reduce the costs of kernel version management.

To create an ApsaraDB for ClickHouse cluster, visit the buy page.