Call ListVpcEndpoints to view the access endpoints of a ledger instance.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
Action String Required ListVpcEndpoints

The operation that you want to perform. Valid values: ListVpcEndpoints

LedgerId String Required l-c8cc7be3eea542axxxxxxxxxx

The ID of the ledger instance.

NextToken String No xxxxx

Used to mark the current start reading position. If you set the parameter to Null, you must start reading data from the beginning.

MaxResults Integer Optional 10

The maximum amount of data to read. Default value: 10.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
MaxResults Integer 100

The maximum amount of data to read.

NextToken String xxxx

Specifies the position where the data read operation is returned. If the value is null, the data has been read.

RequestId String 89E6B5F5-7511-46A7-9EDB-3C6F8AA4D48C

The request ID.

VpcEndpoints Array

The list of access endpoints.

Address String

The IP address corresponding to the access endpoint in the VPC.

CreateTime Long 1587515659452

The time when the access endpoint was created. Is the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970 (00:00 GMT).

LedgerId String l-c8cc7be3eea542axxxxxxxxxx

The ID of the ledger instance to which the device belongs.

MemberId String m-04389ec1075443bcxxxxxxxxxx

The ID of the member to which the device belongs.

RegionId String cn-hangzhou

The region where the SLB instance resides.

Status String NORMAL

Access endpoint status. Valid values: CREATING, READY, and DELETING. In the CREATING state, the specified endpoint is in the CREATING process. In the READY state, the endpoint is created and READY for use. In the DELETING state, the endpoint is being destroyed.

VSwitchId String vsw-bp1l50xxxxxxxxxxxx

The ID of the vSwitch to which the access endpoint belongs.

VpcEndpointId String

The ID of the access endpoint.

VpcId String vpc-bp15nlkfxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The ID of the virtual network where the access endpoint is located.


Sample requests

http(s)://[Endpoint]/? Action=ListVpcEndpoints
&<Common request parameters>

Sample success responses

XML format


JSON format

    "RequestId": "89E6B5F5-7511-46A7-9EDB-3C6F8AA4D48C",
    "NextToken": "xxxx",
    "VpcEndpoints": {
        "Status": "NORMAL",
        "MemberId": "m-04389ec1075443bcxxxxxxxxxx",
        "VpcId": "vpc-bp15nlkfxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "Address": "",
        "VSwitchId": "vsw-bp1l50xxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "CreateTime": 1587515659452,
        "LedgerId": "l-c8cc7be3eea542axxxxxxxxxx",
        "RegionId": "cn-hangzhou",
        "VpcEndpointId": ""
    "MaxResults": 100

Error codes

HttpCode Error code Error message Description
400 InvalidParameter The specified parameter %s is invalid. The error message returned because the specified parameters are invalid.
400 MissingParameter You must specify the parameter %s. The error message returned when the client token is not specified.
404 ResourceNotFound The specified resource %s does not exist. Resource not found
403 UnauthorizedOperation You are not authorized to perform this operation. %s No operation permissions

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.