This topic lists all the APIs that are open in the trusted ledger database product. List API links and API descriptions based on the catalog.

Ledger instance operations

API Description
DescribeLedger Queries the details of a ledger.
DescribeLedgers Call DescribeLedgers to obtain the Ledger instance list.
ModifyLedgerAttribute Call the ModifyLedgerAttribute to modify the Ledger property.
DeleteLedger Calls the DeleteLedger operation to delete a ledger.

Access endpoint API

API Description
ListVpcEndpoints Call ListVpcEndpoints to view the access endpoints of a ledger instance.
CreateVpcEndpoint Call CreateVpcEndpoint to create an access endpoint for a ledger instance in a VPC.
DeleteVpcEndpoint Call DeleteVpcEndpoint to delete the access endpoint of a ledger in a specified VPC.

Anchor API

API Description
ListTimeAnchors Call the ListTimeAnchors to get the anchor list of the ledger.

Ledger record API

API Description
ListJournals Call ListJournals to obtain a list of records in the ledger.
GetJournal Call GetJournal to obtain the information of a record.

Ledger member API

API Description
GetMember Calls the GetMember operation to query the information of a member.
ListMembers You can call this operation to query the members of the ledger.
AcceptMember Accepts the invitation of a ledger and becomes a member.
InviteMembers Creates an invitation to add another Alibaba Cloud account to a ledger.
EnableMember Call EnableMember to restore a member.
DisableMember Call DisableMember to disable a member.
DeleteMember Calls the DeleteMember operation to delete a member from the ledger.
ModifyMemberKey Call the ModifyMemberKey to modify the public key of a ledger member.
ModifyMemberACLs Call ModifyMemberACLs to modify member operation permissions.