This article introduces how to manage the members of the ledger in LedgerDB.

  • What is a ledger member? Seefeatures
  • Only the ledger administrator can manage the ledger members
  • By default, the creator of a ledger is the administrator of the ledger.


1. Login LedgerDB console

2. On the instance details page. Click "Manage" link beside "Ledger Members" label.

Invite member accounts

  • You can enter multiple Alibaba Cloud UIDs at a time.
  • The invitation notification will be sent to each invitee by sending an Alibaba Cloud internal message. Check the Alibaba Cloud notification
  • The invitee clicks the invitation link in the notification to accept the invitation.

Manage permissions

Current permissions:

  • Administrator, with all the operation permissions on Ledger
  • Write, write and read data to LedgerDB
  • Read-only, able to read LedgerDB data

Disable and enable

  • Disabled: the member can no longer access the corresponding Ledger.
  • Enabled: restores the access permissions of a Ledger that is associated with a member.


Removes the specified member from the corresponding ledger. Can be passed invite members the way to invite it again.