Compatible with PostgreSQL, Hologres allows you to use standard PostgreSQL syntax for data development.

The following table describes the array functions supported by Hologres. The functions supported by Hologres are only a subset of the PostgreSQL functions. For more information about how to use these functions, see Array Functions and Operators in the PostgreSQL documentation.
Function Description Example Result
array_append(anyarray, anyelement) Appends an element to the end of an array. array_append(ARRAY[1,2], 3) {1,2,3}
array_dims(anyarray) Returns a text representation of the dimensions of an array. array_dims(ARRAY[[1,2,3], [4,5,6]]) [1:2][1:3]
array_lower(anyarray, int) Returns the lower bound of the requested array dimension. array_lower('[0:2]={1,2,3}'::int[], 1) 0
array_prepend(anyelement, anyarray) Prepends an element to the start of an array. array_prepend(1, ARRAY[2,3]) {1,2,3}
array_upper(anyarray, int) Returns the upper bound of the requested array dimension. array_upper(ARRAY[1,8,3,7], 1) 4
unnest(anyarray) Expands an array to a list of rows. unnest(ARRAY[1,2])



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