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Use the JAR file for upgrade

Last Updated: Sep 29, 2020

This topic describes how to upgrade your client to the latest version of ApsaraDB for HBase client. This applies if your client is based on the community version of HBase client and cannot be upgraded by using Maven. You can replace the JAR file with ApsaraDB for HBase JAR file when you deploy the back-end service.

Replace the JAR file

Find the hbase-client-x.x.x.jar JAR file in the lib directory of the open source service. xxx is the version number of hbase-client. Replace the JAR file with the corresponding version of the alihbase-client JAR file. For example, if the original JAR file is hbase-client-1.0.0.jar, replace it with alihbase-client-1.0.0.jar.

Download the JAR file from the following link:


Plugin download

Plugin use for connect hbaseue exclude hbase-client

  1. #1.x version plugin
  3. #2.x version plugin