This topic describes how to add a cloud data source ApsaraDB for HBase. Only Quick BI Enterprise Standard and Quick BI Pro allow you to add cloud data sources ApsaraDB for HBase in group workspaces.


  • An ApsaraDB for HBase database is created.
  • The AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret used for authentication are obtained.
  • The cluster ID is obtained.


  1. Click the Workspace tab. In the left-side navigation pane, click Data Sources.
  2. On the Data Sources page, click Create Data Source in the upper-right corner.
  3. In the Add Data Source dialog box, click the Cloud Data Sources tab and then the Hbase card.
  4. In the Add HBase Database dialog box, configure the parameters.
    Parameter Description
    Name The name of the data source. In this example, set the value to cloud data source hbase.
    ZooKeeper Address The IP address of the ZooKeeper server.
    Port Number The port that you use to access the database. Default value: 2181.
    Schema The schema of the database.
    AccessKey ID The AccessKey ID that you use to purchase the instance where the database resides.
    AccessKey Secret The AccessKey secret that you use to purchase the instance where the database resides.
    Cluster ID The ID of the cluster.
  5. Click Test Connection to test connectivity with the database.
  6. After the database passes the connectivity test, click OK.