This topic describes the metrics for Alibaba Cloud Message Queue for Apache Kafka.

  • Set the Namespace parameter toacs_kafka.
  • Set the Period parameter to an integral multiple of 60s. The default value is 60s.
Metric Unit Metric Dimensions Statistics
InstanceDiskUtilization % instance_disk_capacity userId and instanceId Maximum
InstanceMessageInput Mbytes/s instance_message_input userId and instanceId Value
InstanceMessageOutput Mbytes/s instance_message_output userId and instanceId Value
MessageAccumulation Count message_accumulation userId, instanceId, and consumerGroup Value
MessageAccumulationOneTopic Count message_accumulation-onetopic userId, instanceId, consumerGroup, and topic Value
TopicMessageInput Mbytes/s topic_message_input userId, instanceId, and topic Value
TopicMessageOutput Mbytes/s topic_message_output userId, instanceId, and topic Value