The data export service provides you with access to real-time monitoring data on time series metrics of cloud services.


Data export is applicable to the following scenarios:
  • Monitoring and alerting: You can use the data export service to aggregate CloudMonitor data to your monitoring and operations and maintenance (O&M) platforms.
  • Statistical analysis: You can use the data export service to export CloudMonitor data as a data source for statistical analysis.

Supported data storage services

The following table lists the data storage services supported by the data export service.
Service Support Description
Log Service Supported What is Log Service?
InfluxDB Internal testing InfluxDB is an open-source time series database developed by InfluxData. It specializes in high input/output performance, high storage performance, and real-time analysis of a large amount of time series data. InfluxDB is widely used to store system monitoring data.
MaxCompute Under development What is MaxCompute?
Object Storage Service (OSS) Under development What is Object Storage Service?