This topic describes how to use the performance insight feature provided by Database Autonomy Service (DAS). This feature helps you evaluate database workloads and identify the root causes of database performance issues based on chart statistics. This ensures that your databases can stably run.


The performance insight feature is available only for ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL High-availability Edition or Enterprise Edition and Archive Database or Cluster Edition of the ApsaraDB PolarDB MySQL-compatible edition.

Background information

The performance insight feature collects and analyzes data from the following major sources:
  • If performance_schema is enabled for database instances, the performance insight feature collects and analyzes the data stored in performance_schema.
  • If performance_schema is disabled for database instances, the performance insight feature collects and analyzes the data of active sessions.


  1. On the Instance Monitoring page, find the database instance that you want to manage and choose Performance > Performance Insight in the Actions column.
  2. On the Performance Insight page, you can manage your database instance and view the following information:
    • In the Performance Insight section, you can specify a time range to view the database performance metrics within the specified period. You can view the details of a specific performance metric. For example, if you want to view the CPU utilization of the instance, click Details next to Memory Usage/CPU Utilization.
      Note The details of a performance metric provide insights into the data generated within the last seven days.
    • In the Average Active Session section, you can view the trend charts of different types of sessions, including SQL statements. You can also view the database workloads from multiple dimensions. This helps you identify the root causes of performance issues.