An upgrade has been scheduled for EDAS from May 14th, 2020 20:00 GMT+8 to May 15th, 2020 6:00 GMT+8. To ensure smooth upgrade, do not operate in the EDAS console or call API operations during the upgrade.

Upgrade feature

  • One-stop application O&M experience for Kubernetes clusters: You can migrate applications from Kubernetes clusters to EDAS, and enjoy various free O&M services for the migrated applications, including application lifecycle management, APM, Prometheus monitoring, application diagnosis, and microservices governance, see Manage the application lifecycle.
  • All-around microservices governance capabilities: All-around microservices governance capabilities.
  • Delegated purchasing of ECS instances supported: When you select application scaling on the console or when auto scaling is triggered, EDAS will purchase ECS instances on your behalf and use them for your EDAS applications, see Deploy a microservices-based application in the default ECS cluster.
  • Cross-application logs for multiple instances and distributed search: In addition to the capabilities of viewing and searching logs of single instances, now you can view cross-application (multiple instances involved) logs and use distributed search, see Create and deploy an application in an ECS cluster.
  • Brand-new application creation wizard: With the wizard, you can complete application configuration, resource requesting, service deployment, and more in one place, see Log management.


If you have any questions or problems during the use of the above functions, or if you have any problems during the upgrade process, please submit Tickets.