This topic describes the condition that may lead to an overdue payment and the status of Log Service after you have an overdue payment.

Warning The system may send you notifications that you have an overdue payment. In this case, you must clear the overdue payment in time to ensure your business continuity.

If your account balance is insufficient and you continue to use the paid services of Log Service, you will have an overdue payment.

If you have an overdue payment, note that:
  • A bill is generated within 4 hours after the current billing cycle ends. Log Service automatically deducts the charges from your account balance. If the account balance is insufficient, the bill becomes overdue.
  • If the bill is overdue for more than 15 days, Log Service becomes unavailable. However, you are still charged for the occupied storage space for 15 days until the resources are automatically released. In this case, the overdue amount increases. We recommend that you pay the overdue bill within 15 days to avoid business losses caused by service unavailability.
  • If your services become unavailable due to the overdue payment, you can top up your account balance within 15 days to pay the overdue bill. Then Log Service automatically becomes available. If you do not pay the bill within 15 days after your services become unavailable, Log Service releases your projects and clears your data. The cleared data cannot be recovered.