This topic describes how to add a virtual node to an external Kubernetes cluster that is registered in Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK). After you perform this operation, you can use the virtual node to access pods on an Elastic Container Instance (ECI).


  1. Log on to the ACK console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Marketplace > App Catalog.
  3. On the App Catalog page, click the Alibaba Cloud Apps tab, and find and click ack-virtual-node.
    In the upper right corner of the App Catalog page, you can enter ack-virtual-node into the Name search bar and click the search icon. You can also enter a keyword to perform a fuzzy match.
  4. On the App Catalog - ack-virtual-node page, select an external cluster in the Deploy section to deploy the application.
    Namespace and Release Name are automatically set to the default values and cannot be changed.
  5. On the App Catalog - ack-virtual-node page, click the Parameters tab, set the parameters, and then click Create in the Deploy section.
    Parameter Description
    ALIYUN_CLUSTERID The ID of the external cluster. The cluster ID is automatically provided.
    ALIYUN_RESOURCEGROUP_ID The ID of the resource group. This parameter is optional.
    ECI_REGION The ID of the region where the ECI is deployed. The region ID is automatically provided.
    ECI_VSWITCH The ID of the VSwitch that is connected to the pod that runs on the ECI.
    ECI_SECURITY_GROUP The ID of the security group to which the pod that runs on the ECI belongs.
    ECI_ACCESS_KEY The AccessKey ID. It is a credential used by the virtual node to access the ECI.
    ECI_SECRET_KEY The AccessKey secret. It is a credential used by the virtual node to access the ECI.
    Notice If the external cluster is registered through a public network, you must delete vpc in the registry address of the image on the Parameters tab. For example, after you delete vpc, the value of the registry address is