This topic describes how to go to DataService Studio from the details page of a table and create API operations.


  1. Go to the details page of a table.
    1. Log on to the DataWorks console.
    2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Workspaces.
    3. In the top navigation bar, select the region where the target workspace resides. Find the target workspace and click Data Analytics in the Actions column.
    4. On the DataStudio page, click DataWorks icon in the upper-left corner and choose All Products > DataMap. The homepage of Data Map appears.
    5. In the top navigation bar, click All Data.
    6. On the All Data page, click a tab as required.
    7. On the tab that appears, click the name of the table based on which you want to create API operations in DataService Studio.
  2. On the details page of the table, click Create API in DataService Studio.
  3. On the DataService Studio page that appears, create API operations based on tables or register existing API operations as required. For more information, see DataService studio overview.