This topic introduces how to set the autonomy attribute for edge nodes. If an edge node is autonomous, applications on the edge node function properly even if the edge node disconnects from the cloud. This ensures that applications are not removed or migrated to other edge nodes in case of a network error.

Background information

You can enable or disable node autonomy in the Container Service console.
  • If an autonomous edge node disconnects from the cloud, ACK@Edge does not migrate applications on this node to other nodes, and the applications are restored automatically. Node autonomy is applicable to edge computing scenarios where the network connection is weak.
  • If a non-autonomous edge node disconnects from the cloud, the node fails to send heartbeats to cloud management nodes and the node status becomes NotReady. The applications on the node are removed or migrated to other nodes after a specified time period.


  1. Log on to the Container Service console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Cluster > Nodes.
  3. On the Nodes page, select the target cluster. Then, choose More > Node Autonomy Setting on the right of the target cluster.
  4. In the displayed Node Autonomy Setting dialog box, click OK.
    Note By default, when you add a new edge node to the cluster, the node is not autonomous. You can follow the preceding steps to enable or disable node autonomy.