This topic describes how to use metrics in CloudMonitor and provides links for you to view metrics for different services.


If you need to call CloudMonitor API operations, you can click the links in the following table to view the parameters of metrics for different services. The parameters include Namespace, MetricName, Dimensions, and Period.

Alibaba Cloud service metrics

Level 1 category Level 2 category Alibaba Cloud service
Cloud essentials Elastic computing
CDN and edge computing
Databases Relational databases
NoSQL databases
Data warehouses
Database tools
Security Cloud security
Big data Cloud-native data warehouses
Data lake analytics E-MapReduce
Search and analytics
Big data tools and services
Artificial intelligence (AI) Machine learning platform PAI-EAS inference service
Internet of Things (IoT) IoT and cloud services
Developer services Developer services Log Service
API and tools OpenAPI
Enterprise applications Message queue
Application services
Video cloud
Industry engine N/A Openad