The system may send you notifications that you have overdue payments. When this occurs, please clear all overdue payments to avoid instances being released. Please note that your instances may be released at a system-selected time after the payment due date.

Overdue payment

When your DataV instance expires, the system sends you an SMS notification. Your DataV instance and projects are retained for 15 days after the expiration. If you renew the DataV instance within this retention period, your DataV instance and projects are not affected.

If you do not renew the instance within the retention period, your DataV instance is destroyed, and all the projects in it are deleted. If you want to extend the retention period, contact Alibaba Cloud technical support or submit a ticket within the retention period. The retention period can be extended to 180 days at most.

Notice The price of a renewal for the same duration may differ from the original price because of promotions on Alibaba Cloud. For example, some promotions are available only at renewals.

Renew the DataV instance

  1. Log on to the DataV console.
  2. Move the pointer over the username in the upper-right corner and select Renew. The Renew page appears.
  3. On the Renew page, specify a Renewal Duration.
    • You can only select 1 year for the Basic Edition. Whereas you can select 1 to 9 months or 1 year for both the Enterprise Edition and Professional Edition.
    • After you select a renewal duration, the expiration time is displayed.
  4. Select DataV Agreement of Service in the lower-right corner and click Pay.