This topic describes the call limits of various API operations on a Message Queue for MQTT broker.

Calls to the API operations on a Message Queue for MQTT broker are limited by queries per second (QPS), which is divided into the following categories:
  • QPS limits on API operations. When the QPS exceeds this limit, traffic is throttled, and only the traffic required to meet the service level agreement (SLA) is guaranteed.
  • QPS limits on a single IP egress. When the QPS exceeds the limit, the IP egress is blocked.
    Note A QPS limit on a single IP egress is globally applied and is 300 for each API operation.

The following table lists the QPS limits on different API operations.

API QPS limit on the API operation
ApplyToken 500
QueryToken 100
RevokeToken 5
CreateGroupId 10
DeleteGroupId 10
ListGroupId 10
SendMessage 1000
QuerySessionByClientId 500
BatchQuerySessionByClientIds 100