The following tables list cloud API operations available for use in Message Queue for MQTT.

Note Each successful call to a cloud API operation is calculated as a messaging transaction per second (TPS). This way, you are billed for the call. For more information, see Billing methods.

Token management

These operations are called by your application server.

API Description
ApplyToken Applies for a token for temporary access.
QueryToken Verifies the validity of a token.
RevokeToken Revokes a token.

Group management

API Description
CreateGroupId Creates a group ID on a Message Queue for MQTT instance
DeleteGroupId Deletes a group ID from a Message Queue for MQTT instance.
ListGroupId Queries all group IDs on a Message Queue for MQTT instance.

Message sending

API Description
SendMessage Sends a single message from an application on a cloud server to Message Queue for MQTT.

Client status query

API Description
QuerySessionByClientId Queries the connection status of a Message Queue for MQTT client based on a client ID.
BatchQuerySessionByClientIds Batch queries the connection status of multiple Message Queue for MQTT clients based on multiple client IDs.