Currently, an ApsaraDB for POLARDB reader can only read data from ApsaraDB POLARDB for MySQL databases instead of ApsaraDB POLARDB for PostgreSQL databases.


  1. On the configuration tab of the real-time sync node, drag PolarDB under Reader to the editing panel.
  2. Click PolarDB1. In the pane that appears on the right, set the required parameters in the Node Settings section.
    Parameter Description
    Connection The connection to the ApsaraDB POLARDB for MySQL data store. In this example, you can only select an ApsaraDB POLARDB for MySQL connection.

    If no connection is available, click New data source on the right to add one on the Workspace Manage > Data Source page.

    Table The name of the table from which data is read in the ApsaraDB POLARDB for MySQL data store. You can click Preview on the right to preview the selected table.
    Output Fields The fields from which data is read.