After you call an API operation to send SMS messages, you can use a Message Service (MNS) queue or HTTP URL to receive message delivery receipts.

Receive message delivery receipts

You can use either of the following methods to receive message delivery receipts:

  • MNS queues

    MNS queues support all types of SMS messages. After you enable MNS to subscribe to a specified message type in the SMS console, MNS automatically generates a message queue. To query detailed information of the queue, you can use an STS token that is generated from your AccessKey pair to call an API operation. When you call the operation, specify the QueueName and MessageType parameters. You can call the SmsReport operation to push message delivery receipts from the queue.


    After you set an HTTP callback URL in the SMS console, SMS uses HTTP POST requests to send messages to the specified callback URL. You can retrieve the messages from the URL.

Enable message receiving

To receive message delivery receipts, you must enable the message receiving feature in the console.
  1. Log on to the SMS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose System SettingGeneral Setting.
  3. On the API Setup tab, find the SMS Delivery Report Setting section, and select the required method.
    • If you select Message Queue to receive SMS Delivery Report, SMS delivery receipts are pushed to a specified MNS queue.
    • If you select For each SMS sending request, the delivery report is sent as a POST response to the URL you provide, for detailed configuration steps please refer to Help Document., SMS delivery receipts are pushed to a specified URL by using the HTTP POST method.
      1. Turn on the switch.
      2. Configure response parameters.
      3. Enter a URL and click Save.
        Note Before you save the settings, SMS tests the URL based on sample values. If the test fails, the URL fails to be saved.

        URL example: