The Data Analytics module of HoloStudio is integrated with DataStudio of DataWorks and provides all-in-one stable and efficient extract, transform, load (ETL) services. In HoloStudio, you can schedule nodes, create foreign tables, synchronize data by using foreign tables, and upload local files in a visualized manner.

The Data Analytics module consists of the following submodules:
  • Folder

    Stores data analytics nodes, helping you manage data analytics nodes of databases. For more information, see Manage folders.

  • Interactive Analytics Development

    Schedules nodes. For more information, see Hologres Data Analytics.

  • One-click MaxCompute table structure synchronization

    Allows you to create multiple foreign tables in a visualized manner to accelerate queries of MaxCompute data. For more information, see Create multiple foreign tables at a time.

  • One-click MaxCompute data synchronization

    Allows you to synchronize MaxCompute data to Hologres in a visualized manner. For more information, see Import MaxCompute data.

  • Upload files locally with one click

    Allows you to upload data from a client to Hologres. For more information, see Upload local files.