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Last Updated: Apr 24, 2020

This topic describes the change history of PAI. Upgrade will be applied automatically.

Date Feature ChangeType Region Description Document
Apr 2, 2020 PAI-DSW launches in new regions New region support Bombay Customers can use DSW in Bombay region
Mar 26, 2020 PAI-Studio supports TensorFlow on CPU in new regions. New feature, hot upgrade Shenzhen,Bombay Customers can use the cpu version of TensorFlow in these new regions
Mar 17, 2020 PAI-Studio supports AutoFeature Engineering New feature, hot upgrade Beijing,Shanghai AutoFeature can help customer find out new features automatically
Mar 6, 2020 PAI-Studio supports INT type data New feature, hot upgrade All regions Customers can directly use INT type data in PAI-Studio
Feb 14, 2020 PAI-AutoLearning supports recommended business New feature,hot upgrade Singapore,Beijing,Shanghai,Shenzhen,Hangzhou Customers can easily build recommendation matching service
Feb 13, 2020 PAI-EAS launches in new regions New region,hot upgrade Jakarta,Bombay,Frankfurt Customers can use EAS in Jakarta,Bombay,Frankfurt region
Dec 17, 2019 PAI-Blade launches New feautre Shanghai Supports model compression and optimization
Dec 2, 2019 PAI-EAS resource group launches New region,hot upgrade Beijing,Shanghai,Shenzhen,Hangzhou Customers can buy resource group by post-payment