The auto-renewal feature helps you save time on renewing clusters and helps avoid interruptions to services if you fail to renew the clusters on time. This feature is available only for subscription clusters. This topic describes how to enable the feature for Alibaba Cloud Logstash clusters.

Enable auto-renewal on the Renewal page

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch console.
  2. In the top navigation bar, choose Expenses > Renewal Management.
  3. Specify Validity Period, Instances, and Region to search for the Logstash clusters for which you want to enable auto-renewal.
  4. On the Manual tab, enable auto-renewal for one or more Logstash clusters.
    • Enable auto-renewal for a Logstash cluster: Find the cluster and click Enable Auto Renewal in the Actions column.
    • Enable auto-renewal for multiple Logstash clusters: Select the clusters and click Enable Auto Renew below the cluster list.
  5. In the Enable Auto Renewal dialog box, specify Unified Auto Renewal Cycle and click Auto Renew.
    If the managed clusters appear in the list on the Auto tab, auto-renewal is enabled for the clusters.