To use Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK), you must enable the service through the Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) overview page. This topic describes how to enable Container Service for Kubernetes.


  1. Go to the Alibaba Cloud International site, log on to your account, and choose Products > Cloud Essentials > Elastic Computing > Container Service for Kubernetes.
    Enable the service
  2. On the Container Service for Kubernetes overview page, click Get it Free.
    Get it Free
  3. If you have not assigned your Alibaba Cloud account the default roles, click Go to RAM console and the Cloud Resource Access Authorization page appears. Click Confirm Authorization Policy.
    Grant permissions
    • If you are using a managed cluster, you also need to assign KubernetesAuditRole to your account in order to access your cloud resources.
    • To modify the permission settings of default roles, go to the RAM console and choose RAM roles. Note that incorrect configurations may cause Container Service to have insufficient permissions.


After the authorization is complete, reopen the ACK console to start using Container Service for Kubernetes.

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