This topic describes how to purchase a storage plan.


  • You can purchase and use multiple compute plans. Each compute plan can be shared by multiple clusters.
  • The validity period of each compute plan is three or five years. The remaining capacity of the compute plan will automatically become invalid after the compute plan expires. To continue to use compute plans, you can purchase a new compute plan after the current ones expire.
  • Compute plans can be applicable to only pay-as-you-go clusters within your account.
  • If the remaining capacity of your compute plan is insufficient, the exceeded fees of compute nodes are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis. You can also purchase another compute plan to deduct the fees.


  1. Log on to the PolarDB console.
  2. In the upper-left corner of the page, click Create Cluster.
  3. Click the Storage Plan tab, and specify the following parameters.
    Storage plan
    Parameter Description
    Plan Type
    • Mainland China: The storage plan can be used by all PolarDB clusters that are deployed in regions of mainland China, such as China (Hangzhou), China (Shanghai), and China (Beijing).
    • China (Hong Kong) and regions outside China: The storage plan can be used by all PolarDB clusters that are deployed in China (Hong Kong) and regions outside China, such as UK (London) and Singapore (Singapore).
    Plan Specification The storage capacity that is provided by the storage plan.
    Purchase Plan The validity period of the storage plan.
    Note If you purchase yearly subscribed storage plans, you are offered a 15% discount on the monthly price.
  4. Click Buy Now.
  5. Read and accept the agreement of service, and then click Pay to complete the payment.