The Resource Sharing service allows you to share resources within your account with other accounts.


An enterprise may have multiple Alibaba Cloud accounts and use these accounts to subscribe to diversified services. In some cases, the enterprise needs to use one of the accounts to purchase cloud resources of a specific type and wants to share these resources with the other accounts.

The enterprise can use the Resource Directory service to create a resource directory. Then, use the resource directory to organize and centrally manage the accounts based on the organizational structure or business form. The Resource Sharing service allows the management account and members of the resource directory to share resources with each other. For example, the management account or a member of the resource directory creates and configures a virtual private cloud (VPC), and shares the vSwitches in this VPC with other members in the resource directory. This way, these members can create resources of the desired Alibaba Cloud services in the vSwitches, and the resources of all the members in the resource directory are interconnected.


Resource Sharing
Term Description
resource share A resource share is an instance of the Resource Sharing service. It is also a cloud resource and has a unique ID and an Alibaba Cloud Resource Name (ARN). A resource share consists of a resource owner, shared targets, and shared resources.
resource owner A resource owner initiates resource sharing and owns shared resources. It is the management account or a member of a resource directory.
shared target A shared target shares the resources of resource owners. It has specific operation permissions on the shared resources. A shared target is a member of a resource directory. Multiple shared targets can share the same resource.
Note The operation permissions of each shared target on the shared resources are determined based on the Alibaba Cloud service to which the resources belong. For example, the operation permissions of shared targets on the shared vSwitches in a VPC are determined based on the VPC service. For more information, see Permissions related to VPC sharing.
shared resource A shared resource is a resource of an Alibaba Cloud service, such as a vSwitch in a VPC.


  • Low costs: Resources are created in a centralized manner and shared among members. This way, you do not need to configure resources for each member.
  • Centralized management: Shared resources are managed and maintained in a centralized manner. This helps you configure security policies and use the Cloud Config and ActionTrail services to audit and track configurations and operations in a centralized manner.
  • Improved sharing experience: Cloud resources are shared based on the same sharing mechanism. You do not need to adapt to the different sharing operations of various cloud resources.

Best practices

Use a resource directory and VPC sharing for resource sharing


  • Only vSwitches in VPCs can be shared. For more information, see Overview.
  • The following table lists other limits.
    Item Upper limit Adjustable
    Number of resource shares that can be created by using each management account or member 10 Apply for a quota.
    Number of resources that can be shared with other members by using each management account or member 10 Apply for a quota.
    Number of resources in each request 5 N/A
    Number of shared targets in each request 5 N/A