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Service Downgrade

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2020

When the load on the server increases sharply, the service degradation component can be used to stop processing some non-important services or process them in a simpler way according to the business status and traffic. In this way, some server resources can be released to ensure the normal or high-efficiency operation of core businesses.


Ensure that the SOFABoot version is 3.3.3 or later. For more information about SOFABoot versions, see Release notes.

Add a degradation rule

  1. Log on to the SOFAStack MS Platform console and choose Microservices > Service governance. The Service governance page appears.
  2. Click the Service degradation tab, click New rule, and add a degradation rule.

    • Rule name: The value can contain Chinese characters, letters, digits, and underscores (_).
    • Application: the name of the service consumer app.
    • Running mode: Valid values include Intercept mode and Observer mode. When the service degradation is triggered, the following processing mode will be implemented:
      • Intercept mode: Trigger a service failure.
      • Observer mode: Record logs only.
    • Service: the name of the service to be degraded.
    • Method: the name of the method to be degraded.
    • Operation: the operation to be performed in the selected running mode.
  3. Click Submit.