Security Center supports periodic scan tasks and manual scan tasks.

Background information

If you need to run a scan task at an unscheduled time on newly purchased Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, click Scan Now to start a manual scan task.

For more information about automatic scan intervals of different types of vulnerabilities, see Vulnerability detection cycle.

Note Only the Advanced and Enterprise editions support quick scan. The Basic edition does not support quick scan.


The following procedure shows you how to run a manual scan task to scan for server vulnerabilities.

  1. Log on to the Security Center console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Precaution > Vulnerabilities.
  3. On the Vulnerabilities page, click Scan Now under System Vul scan time.
  4. In the One-click detection dialog box, configure the scan policy, and click OK.
    The One-click detection dialog box
    Types of vulnerabilities that can be detected by quick scan:
    • Vulnerabilities: Linux software vulnerabilities, Windows system vulnerabilities, Web-CMS vulnerabilities, emergency vulnerabilities, and urgent vulnerabilities.
      Note Only the Enterprise edition supports detection of application vulnerabilities. The Advanced edition does not support detection of application vulnerabilities. The Basic edition does not support quick scan.
    • Baseline problems: The baseline check feature is a value-added service supported by the Enterprise edition only. You can select an existing baseline check policy or create a policy. For more information about how to create a baseline check policy, see Create and configure a baseline check policy.
    • Configuration Assessment: checks whether configurations of Alibaba Cloud services contain risks.

    After you click Scan Now, Security Center scans all protected assets. It may take one to five minutes to run the scan task. Wait for the task to complete.

    After the scan task is complete, you can view the latest scan results.