Sends text messages in batches to the regions outside Mainland China. Batch sending does not support sending data from China (mainland) or the United States. Access interface limit 1QPS, one-time support for passing in 250 numbers, if you have a large number of SMS needs, you can contact customer service for upgrade, one-time can pass in 1000 numbers.


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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
Action String No BatchSendMessageToGlobe

The operation that you want to perform. Valid values: BatchSendMessageToGlobe .

Message String Yes Hello

The content of the text message.

Note The message field must be a jsonArrayString.
To String Yes ["123","456","789"]

The mobile phone numbers to receive the text messages. You must add the country code to the beginning of each mobile phone number. You must use an array to specify the mobile phone numbers, for example, ["123","456","789"].

Type String Yes OTP

The type of the text message. Valid values:

OTP : the verification code.

NOTIFY : the notification text message.

MKT : promotional text messages.

GENERAL : General-purpose.

From String No Alicloud

The ID of the sender. You can specify the sender ID when you call the API operation. The sender ID can contain digits and letters. If the sender ID contains only letters, the sender ID can be a maximum of 11 characters in length. If the sender ID contains only digits, the sender ID can be a maximum of 15 characters in length.

TaskId String No 123789****

The ID of the export task that you want to delete.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
FailedList String ["123","456"]

The list of the mobile phone numbers that failed to receive the text messages.

From String Alicloud

The ID of the sender that was returned. The API operation returns the sender ID that you have specified in the request parameters.

MessageIdList String ["1008030300****","1008030300****"]

The list of Message IDs. When sending text messages in batches, corresponding to each successful number

RequestId String F655A8D5-B967-440B-8683-DAD6FF8DE990

The ID of the request.

ResponseCode String OK

The status code. If OK is returned, the request is successful. For more information about other error codes, see Error codes .

ResponseDescription String The SMS Send Request was accepted

The description of the status code.

SuccessCount String 1

The number of the text messages that were sent.


Sample requests

     http(s):// Action=BatchSendMessageToGlobe &Message=Hello &To=["123","456","789"] &Type=OTP &<common request parameters> 

Sample success responses

XML format

     <BatchSendMessageToGlobeResponse> <ResponseCode>OK</ResponseCode> <RequestId>F655A8D5-B967-440B-8683-DAD6FF8DE990</RequestId> <FailedList>["123","456"]</FailedList> <ResponseDescription>The SMS Send Request was accepted</ResponseDescription> <From>Alicloud</From> <SuccessCount>1</SuccessCount> <MessageIdList>["1008030300****","1008030300****"]</MessageIdList> </BatchSendMessageToGlobeResponse> 

JSON Format

     { "ResponseCode": "OK", "RequestId": "F655A8D5-B967-440B-8683-DAD6FF8DE990", "FailedList": "[\"123\",\"456\"]", "ResponseDescription": "The SMS Send Request was accepted", "From": "Alicloud", "SuccessCount": 1, "MessageIdList": "[\"1008030300****\",\"1008030300****\"]" } 

Error codes

Go to the Error CenterFor more information, see error codes.