This topic lists the latest changes to the Sandboxed-Container runtime.

Background information

For more information about Sandboxed-Container, see Overview.

August 2020

Version Release date Description Impact
2.0.0 August 28, 2020 Upgrades the major version of Sandboxed-Container 2.0 to achieve the following benefits:
  • The lightweight virtual machine container runtime developed by Alibaba Cloud supports more lightweight and efficient deployment. It also simplifies the architecture and maintenance of Kubernetes clusters.
  • Reduces the resource overheads by 90% and increases Sandboxed-Container startup speed by three times.
  • Increases the deployment density of standalone sandboxed containers by 10 times.
  • Supports the virtio-fs file system. This allows you to provide higher performance than the 9pfs file system.
During the upgrade, the pods on the nodes that use the runtime are rebuilt. We recommend that you create pod replicas before the upgrade.

July 2020

Version Release date Description Impact
1.1.1 July 27, 2020 Fixes the following issues related to the stability of Sandboxed-Container:
  • Eliminates a security risk related to the container-storaged component.
  • Fixes the issue when the kubectl cp command is blocked after you run this command.
  • Fixes the issue when logs cannot be printed to stdout files after containerd is restarted.
  • Fixes the issue when the system time of sandboxed containers may not be synchronized at regular intervals.

No impact on workloads.

March 2020

Version Release date Description Impact
1.1.0 March 5, 2020 Sandboxed-Container 1.1.0 supports the following new features:
  • Allows you to mount Alibaba Cloud disks and Network Attached Storage (NAS) volumes to sandboxed containers. This provides the same performance as the volumes that are mounted to the host. This avoids performance loss when storage devices are mounted over 9pfs.
  • Supports RootFS block I/O throttling.

Improves stability by a significant amount.

No impact on workloads.

September 2019

Version Release date Description Impact
1.0.0 September 5, 2019 Sandboxed-Container 1.0.0 supports the following features:
  • Strong isolation based on sandboxed and lightweight virtual machines.
  • Good compatibility with runC in terms of application management.
  • High performance that corresponds to 90% of the performance provided by applications based on runC.
  • The same user experience as that provided by containers in runC in terms of monitoring, logging, and storage.
  • Supports RuntimeClass (runC and runV). For more information, see RuntimeClass.
  • Easy to use with limited expertise.
  • Higher stability than that provided by Kata Containers. For more information about Kata Containers, see Kata Containers.
No impact on workloads.