This topic lists the latest changes to sandboxed-container-controller.

Background information

sandboxed-container-controller is a controller component provided by the Sandboxed-Container runtime. The component allows you to improve storage capabilities of sandboxed containers.

June 2020

Version Image address Release date Description Impact
v1.0.0-e408663-aliyun June 10, 2020 Changes the image address of the init container from a public image address to a private image address. No impact on workloads.
v1.0.0-a8b276f-aliyun March 26, 2020 Supports mounting Alibaba Cloud disks and Network Attached Storage (NAS) volumes directly to sandboxed containers. This provides the same performance as when these volumes are mounted to the host. This allows you to avoid performance loss when volumes are mounted over 9pfs. No impact on workloads.