There are many types of databases on Alibaba Cloud. Therefore, it may be difficult to select a destination database. The destination database recommendation feature can help you compare available destination databases by analyzing the source database profile and its compatibility with available destination databases. This feature can help ensure that your selected destination database is compatible with your source.


1. On the database profiles page, select the database profile that you want to evaluate. 2. Click Next: Destination Database Recommendation.

3. On the Destination Database Recommendation page that appears, you can view the compatibility of the database objects and SQL statements between the source database profile and different destination databases.

The Database Object Compatibility table includes Compatibility Degree, ADAM-transformed Compatible Object, and Incompatible Object.

  • Compatibility Degree: the value of the number of ADAM-transformed compatible objects dividing the total number of objects.
  • ADAM-transformed Compatible Object: the number of objects that are directly compatible or compatible after ADAM transformation. You can create ADAM-compatible objects for the destination database by using the ADAM database transformation feature.
  • Incompatible Object: the number of objects that are incompatible and must be manually transformed. ADAM provides comprehensive recommendations on how to transform these objects.

The Database SQL Compatibility table also includes Compatible SQL after Modification.

  • Compatible SQL after Modification: ADAM provides SQL statements that can be executed in the destination database, but you must modify the corresponding SQL statements in the application.

Select schemas

ADAM allows you to obtain destination database recommendations only for the database schemas that you want to migrate. This avoids affecting the accuracy of recommendations due to database schemas that you do not want to migrate.