An error code is returned if a call fails.

Common error codes

API error code SMPP error code Error message Solution
OK 20 The call is successful.
isp.SYSTEM_ERROR 21 A system error has occurred on the access layer.
isp.UNKNOWN 22 An unknown error has occurred.
isv.NOT_SUPPORTED_COUNTRY 26 SMS does not support the specified destination country.
isv.OUT_OF_SERVICE 27 The service is not available.
isv.ACCOUNT_NOT_EXISTS 29 The specified account does not exist.
isv.ACCOUNT_ABNORMAL 30 The specified account is invalid.
isv.SMS_CONTENT_CODE_ILLEGAL 31 The specified template does not exist or is blocked.
isv.SMS_SIGN_NAME_ILLEGAL 32 The specified signature does not exist or is blocked.
isv.MOBILE_NUMBER_ILLEGAL 33 The format of the specified mobile number is invalid.
isv.MOBILE_COUNT_OVER_LIMIT 34 The number of mobile numbers exceeds 1,000.
isv.CONTENT_MISSING_PARAMETERS 35 The specified template variable is left empty.
isv.INVALID_PARAMETERS 36 The specified parameter is invalid.
isv.INVALID_JSON_PARAM 42 The specified JSON parameter is invalid.
isv.BLACK_KEY_CONTROL_LIMIT 43 The specified template variable includes the keyword that is blocked.
isv.PARAM_LENGTH_LIMIT 44 The length of the specified variable exceeds the limit.
isv.AMOUNT_NOT_ENOUGH 45 The account balance is insufficient.
isv.DATA_NOT_EXIST 46 The specified SMS record does not exist.
isv.BILLING_DEDUCTION_ERROR 47 The specified account has overdue payments.
isp.RAM_PERMISSION_DENY 55 The specified account is not authorized to access SMS.
isv.PRODUCT_UN_SUBSCRIPT 57 The specified Alibaba Cloud user has not activated SMS.
isp.GATEWAY_ERROR 24 The specified background program has failed to be called.
isv.FORBIDDEN_ACTION 25 The specified operation is forbidden.
isv.SENDERID_ERROR 25 The SenderId parameter is blocked by the destination country.
BUSINESS_LIMIT_CONTROL_MINUTE 38 The minute-level business throttling is triggered.
isv.BUSINESS_LIMIT_HOUR 39 The hour-level business throttling is triggered.
isv.BUSINESS_LIMIT_DAY 40 The day-level business throttling is triggered.
BUSINESS_LIMIT_CONTROL_PHONE 41 The day-level business throttling is triggered for the specified mobile number.
isp.SYSTEM_ERROR 46 A system error has occurred.
isv.COUNTRY_RESTRICTED 90 The specified API operation does not support the destination country.
isv.QUERY_DATE_ILLEGAL 52 The query time is invalid.
isv.RAM_CHECK_FAILED 54 The RAM permission has failed to be verified.
isp.RES_OWNER_ID_UNKNOWN 56 The ID of the Alibaba Cloud account to which the resource belongs cannot be found.
isv.SYSTEM_LIMIT_CONTROL 81 The daily quota of messages that SMS can send has been reached.
isv.DAY_LIMIT_CONTROL 84 The daily quota of messages that the user can send has been reached.
isv.MONTH_LIMIT_CONTROL 85 The monthly quota of messages that the user can send has been reached.

Receipt-related error codes

Error code Error message Solution
IN_SMS_CONTENT Inappropriate SMS content or Invalid Message Length
INVALID_NUM Invalid destination. Receiver is not a valid number
OPERATOR_NOT_SUPPORT Local Operator doesn't support
PHONE_NOT_AVAILABLE Phone number or handset is not available, or handset memory capacity exceeded.
PORTED_NUM Ported number
RECEIVER_BLACKLIST Receiver is black-listed, blocked by Carrier
SYSTEM_ERR System error, caused by network operator, need to submit ticket to check the specific failed reason
UNKNOWN_ERR Failed message delivery,need to submit ticket to check the specific failed reason
URL_FAILURE URL blacklisted