This topic describes how to evaluate the migration costs of an Oracle database.


An Alibaba Cloud account is created and the real-name verification is completed.


The following figure shows the procedure to evaluate a database. Flowchart


  1. Log on to the ADAM console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Evaluate DB.
  3. On the page, click Online Database Collection or Download Database Collector. For more information, see Collect database information.
  4. After the database information is collected, click Next: View Source Database Profile. On the Create Source DB Profile tab, click Create Profile to upload a data file for analysis. For more information, see Manage a database profile.
  5. On the Create Source DB Profile tab, select a profile from the list and then click Next: Select Destination Database.
  6. On the Evaluate Dest. DB tab, click Create Project. In the Create DB Evaluation Project dialog box, set the required parameters of the destination database. Then, view the evaluation result.